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Aaker, Jennifer Lynn, author. Humor, seriously : why humor is a secret weapon in business and life and how anyone can harness it. Even you. / Jennifer Aaker & Naomi Bagdonas. 152.4 Aak
Robertson, Ritchie, author. The enlightenment : the pursuit of happiness, 1680-1790 / Ritchie Robertson. 190.9 Rob
Lamott, Anne, author. Dusk, night, dawn : on revival and courage / Anne Lamott. 234.2 Lam
Appiah, Anthony, author. The lies that bind : rethinking identity, creed, country, color, class, culture / Kwame Anthony Appiah. 302.5 App
Bren, Paulina, author. The Barbizon : the hotel that set women free / Paulina Bren. 305.4 Bre
Zuboff, Shoshana, 1951- author. The age of surveillance capitalism : the fight for a human future at the new frontier of power / Shoshana Zuboff. 306.3 Zub
Goodhart, C. A. E. (Charles Albert Eric) The great demographic reversal : ageing societies, waning inequality, and an inflation revival / Charles Goodhart, Manoj Pradhan. 339 Goo
Rosen, Jeffrey, 1964- author. Conversations with RBG : Ruth Bader Ginsburg on life, love, liberty, and law / Jeffrey Rosen. 347.73 Ros
Lopez, Barry Holstun, 1945-2020 Arctic dreams : imagination and desire in a northern landscape / Barry Lopez. 508.98 Lop
Salmón, Enrique, 1958- author. Iwígara : American Indian ethnobotanical traditions and science / Enrique Salmón. 581.63 Sal
MacDonald, Richard Wayne, author. Little big year : chasing Acadia’s birds / Richard Wayne MacDonald. 598.07 Mac
Vickery, Peter D., 1949- author. Birds of Maine / Peter D. Vickery ; Barbara S. Vickery and Scott Weidensaul, managing editors ; Charles D. Duncan, William J. Sheehan, and Jeffrey V. Wells, coauthors ; paintings by Lars Jonsson ; and drawings by Barry Van Dusen. 598.097 Vic
Slaght, Jonathan C., author. Owls of the eastern ice : a quest to find and save the world’s largest owl / Jonathan C. Slaght. 598.9 Sla
Farrell, Ali, author. Pretty rugged : true stories from women of the sea / by Ali Farrell. 639.2 Far
Schapdick, Chris, author. Building your tiny house dream : design and build a camper-style tiny house with your own hands / Chris Schapdick. 690.837 Sch
Backderf, Derf, 1959-, author. Kent State : four dead in Ohio / Derf Backderf. 741.5 Bac
New, Debbie. Unexpected knitting / Debbie New. 746.43 New
Rose, Tilly, author. Stitched memories : telling a story through cloth and thread / Tilly Rose. 746.44 Ros
Glück, Louise, 1943- author. American originality : essays on poetry / LouiseGlück. 814.54 Glu
Pitzer, Andrea, author. Icebound : shipwrecked at the edge of the world / Andrea Pitzer. 910.916 Pit c.2
Chandler, Laurie Apgar, author. Through woods & waters : A solo journey to Maine’s new national monument / Laurie Apgar Chandler. 917.41 Cha
Ward, Jesmyn, author. Men we reaped : a memoir / Jesmyn Ward. 921  Wes
Taraborrelli, J. Randy, author. Grace & steel : Dorothy, Barbara, Laura, and the women of the Bush dynasty / J. Randy Taraborrelli. 921 Bus
Byrne, Gabriel, 1950- author. Walking with ghosts : a memoir / Gabriel Byrne. 921 Byr
Owusu, Nadia, 1981- author. Aftershocks : a memoir / Nadia Owusu. 921 Owu
Pachai, Bridglal, author. Blacks / Bridglal Pachai. 971.5 Pac
Dyja, Tom, author. New York, New York, New York : four decades of success, excess, and transformation / by Thomas Dyja. 974.7 Dyj
Ehrlich, Gretel, author. This cold heaven : seven seasons in Greenland / Gretel Ehrlich. 998.2 Ehr
The caged bird : the life and music of Florence B. Price / a film by James Greeson. DVD 780.92 Pri
Catherine the Great / HBO Miniseries presents ; in association with Sky ; a New Pictures/Origin Pictures production ; producer, Jules Hussey ; written by Nigel Williams ; directed by Philip Martin. DVD Cat 2 DVDs
Criminal minds The fourteenth season. DVD Cri Season 14 4 DVDs
Banks, Russell, 1940- author. Foregone : a novel / Russell Banks. F Ban
Desai, Sara, author The dating plan / Sara Desai F Des
Ekbäck, Cecilia, 1971-, author. The historians : a novel / Cecilia Ekbäck. F Ekb
Engel, Patricia, author. Infinite country : a novel / Patricia Engel. F Eng
Evanovich, Janet, author. The bounty / Janet Evanovich and Steve Hamilton. F Eva Series Book #7
Everett, Elizabeth, author. A lady’s formula for love / Elizabeth Everett. F Eve
Fowler, Christopher, author. Bryant & May : Oranges and lemons / Christopher Fowler. F Fow Series Book #17
Fuller, Kathleen, author. A Reluctant Bride. F Ful Series Book #1
Gaiman, Neil, author. American gods : a novel / Neil Gaiman. F Gai
Griffiths, Elly, author. The postscript murders / Elly Griffiths. F Gri Series Book #2
Grushin, Olga, 1971-, author. The charmed wife / Olga Grushin. F Gru
Gurganus, Allan, 1947- author. The uncollected stories of Allan Gurganus / [Allan Gurganus]. F Gur
Ishiguro, Kazuo, 1954- author. Klara and the sun / Kazuo Ishiguro. F Ish
Johnson, Sadeqa, author. Yellow wife : a novel / Sadeqa Johnson. F Joh
King, Stephen, 1947-, author. Later / by Stephen King. F Kin
Kline, Al, author. Journey through a land of minor annoyances / Al Kline. F Kli
Leon, Donna, author. Transient desires / Donna Leon. F Leo Series Book #30
Lockwood, Patricia, author. No one is talking about this / Patricia Lockwood. F Loc
Merullo, Roland, author. The delight of being ordinary : a road trip with the Pope and the Dalai Lama / Roland Merullo. F Mer
Moss, Sarah, author. Summerwater / Sarah Moss. F Mos
The Penguin book of Christmas stories : from Hans Christian Andersen to Angela Carter / edited by Jessica Harrison. F Pen
Peters, Torrey, author. Detransition, baby: a novel / Torrey Peters. F Pet
Petrie, Nicholas, author. The breaker / Nick Petrie. F Pet Series Book #6
Quartey, Kwei, author. Sleep well, my lady / Kwei Quartey. F Qua Series Book #2
Smith, Michael F. (Michael Farris), 1970- author. Nick / Michael Farris Smith. F Smi
Tracy, P. J., author. Deep into the dark / P.J. Tracy. F Tra
Yu, Charles, 1976-, author. Interior Chinatown / Charles Yu. F Yu
Dell’Antonia, K. J., author. The chicken sisters / KJ Dell’Antonia. LP F Del
Holiday, Jenny (Romance author), author. A princess for Christmas a novel / Jenny Holiday. LP F Hol
Quinn, Julia, 1970- author. The Duke and I / Julia Quinn. LP F Qui
Robinson, Peter, 1950- author. Many rivers to cross : a DCI Banks novel / Peter Robinson. LP F Rob
Smartt, Jessica, author. Let them be kids : adventure, boredom, innocence, and other gifts children need / Jessica Smartt. Parent Coll.649.1 Sma
Bronson, Po, 1964- author. Nurtureshock : new thinking about children / Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman. Parents’ Collection 305.231 Bro